DellEMC VxRail Event Codes

Dealing with VxRail Events is a little bit different than the traditional vCenter setups we are used to. This is in terms of how these warnings or events are presented on your VxRail vCenter console.

While working with VxRails, you will encounter a huge range of events for all components that make up the entire architecture including vCenter, iDRAC (OOB Management), VxRail Appliances, Secure Remote Services (ESRS), and VxRail Manager events.

However, when the VxRail shows an error it does not give a description of what the problem actually is. You have to search for a description online first and if you don’t find the answers, you will need to call support and ask them to provide you with the event code document.

That’s why I am posting the VxRail Event Code reference document here to make my life and yours a bit simpler. 😀

Published by Mohamed Atef Ibrahim

I have started my journey in the Information Technology field as a System Engineer in 2017 and instantly fell in love with virtualization. Currently, I am focusing on VMware Software Defined Datacenter Portfolio, Cloud & Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions.

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