NSX-T Installation: Step 4 – Configure NSX-T Cluster Virtual IP

In the previous step, we deployed additional NSX-T Managers and formed the Management Cluster. This blog is considered the fourth Step of the NSX-T Installation series which shows step-by-step instructions to configure the NSX-T Cluster Virtual IP “VIP” and how it works.



  • One of the NSX-T Manager in the cluster takes ownership of the VIP and all requests coming in from clients are directed to that node.
  • The failover of VIP to a new leader node might take a few minutes to become operational.
  • Users must re-authenticate so that the requests are targeted to the new NSX-T leader node.

Configuring Cluster Virtual IP

1. Click System -> Appliances -> Set Virtual IP:

2. Specify the IP Address as appropriate and click “Save”:

3. Refresh the NSX-T UI by clicking the “Refresh” button

4. Once the Virtual IP is assigned successfully to your NSX-T Management Cluster, you will be able to see the assigned IP reflecting under the Virtual IP field and to which NSX-T Manager is it assigned at that given time as below:

Now, you have successfully configured the NSX-T Management Cluster virtual IP.

Thanks for your Interest in the NSX-T Installation series! If you haven’t got the chance to go through the remaining blogs of this series here are the links below:

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