NSX-T Installation: Step 3 – Deploy Additional NSX-T Managers

In the previous step, we have discussed what is compute manager and what are the steps to add it to the NSX-T Manager. This blog will discuss Step 3 of the NSX-T Installation series which shows step-by-step instructions to deploy additional NSX-T Managers to form a Cluster.

  1. Once the compute manager is registered successfully, we can start deploying additional nodes by going to Home > System > Appliances and clicking on ‘Add NSX Appliance’ option.

2. A wizard will pop-up, select your Compute Manager (our vCenter Server) from the drop-down menu:

Note: Use the same DNS, NTP and form factor as of the first NSX-T manager deployment.

3. Specify the name of the NSX Appliance, vSphere cluster, datastore and network details where it will be deployed:

4. Enable SSH (if required), enter the root, cli and audit users passwords, Click -> INSTALL APPLIANCE

The remaining progress can be monitored from the NSX-T Manager’s Overview page – following screenshots shows progressive step-by-step changes:

Note: You could also monitor the deployment from the vCenter’s Recent Tasks.

Once the Additional NSX-T Manager is depolyed successfully, it will show the below:

  1. “Management Cluster” as Stable
  2. “Cluster Connectivity” as Up
  3. “Repository Status” as Sync Complete

Note: VMware recommends a three node NSX-T Manager cluster. With that said, repeat the steps above for adding the third NSX Appliance.

This concludes this step of deploying additional NSX-T Manager nodes successfully.

Once this is done, you can go ahead and Configure NSX-T Cluster Virtual IP in the next blog of this series

Published by Mohamed Atef Ibrahim

I have started my journey in the Information Technology field as a System Engineer in 2017 and instantly fell in love with virtualization. Currently, I am focusing on VMware Software Defined Datacenter Portfolio, Cloud & Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions.

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